Another instance where xylophone just won’t work…

Always dreaming, she stares across the room. Not

Being fooled by the strong words or the

Convictions of others, she lives in her mind

Daring to believe what can not be true,

Enduring the impatient faces around her.

Feeling love so strong but also shame and

Going over it all again and again.

Her heart never healing.

If she could only go back, but she can’t, so she

Just thinks of everything that could have been.

Keeping the worlds separate while

Living lives in her mind where she is free.

More and more, she tunes out this world and its

Noise and its sadness and its regret and she

Only sees what she wants, a secret set of lives,

Playing out in her imagination,

Quelling her longing for what she can’t have.

Revealing what she is: a wicked girl,

Secretly stealing what she wants.

To the outside, she seems to concentrate on her work.

Unusually focused, she sits and copies day after day.

Very few things distract her now.

Words are coming less and less easily.

Exactly why, no one can say.

Yelling at the sky, she wants to leave this life.

Zen-like, she hopes to try one day.


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