Driving north for my father’s funeral

Moonlight keeps me riding down the highway.

These tears don’t do anything but get in my way.

All  you ever gave me was self-doubt,

and wondering what your words were all about.

Moonlight keeps on shining on the water.

It makes me ask if you ever loved your daughter.

I wish that you would never cross my mind.

I wish that I could leave all this behind.

Star light keeps on shining on the coal dust.

And all I feel are shadows of mistrust.

How could one man ever mean so much

when all you know is cringing at a touch?

All the little towns I could have died in,

all the tender arms I could have cried in.

All the fights that I will never win.

All the things that I’ve got to hold in.

Moonlight keeps reflecting off the cold snow.

It makes me wonder about things I’ll never know.

It makes me hold the pedal to the floor

And ask myself if I should have loved you more.


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