Come back to me, my beloved,

from whichever way the wind has blown you,

for you are caught so deep in my heart

light no longer shines through.

Soon I will break open, my dear,

And it will be shown that I’m empty inside.

It seems I did not follow you for fear

and will not choose to now for honor and pride.

I hold a life in one hand, dreams in the other.

Life is lonely, familiar but cold.

Dreams so risky I can not think to bother.

Which do I let go?  Which do I hold?

I wish that the dreams were real for me

And my old life I let fall to the floor

And things I am blind to I could finally see,

not having to wonder anymore.

But dreams do not last, they just fade away,

and you are a dream of the past.

There’s no time to speak it and nothing to say

but changed answers to questions you’d asked.

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