More doubts

She wishes he would let her go,

without sadness, without a show.

She loves him; he loves her.

They make good friends, of that she’s sure.

But hardly a day goes by where they’re in the same room.

They separate themselves to slow the impending doom.

She wonders what it would be like

to be alone completely and have a solitary life.

He wonders too how life might be

if she was gone and he was free.

How would it feel to give yourself all

and not have to answer another person’s call?

To finally get to do just as you please,

Without having to beg on stiff and sore knees?

She doesn’t hate him, she questions her choice.

At such a young age, she gave up her voice.

Now she just sits putting pen to page

without conversation or her own mind engaged.

Doing things out of spite…

It wears thin in the long night.

2 thoughts on “More doubts

    • It’s not the best place to be…but admitting it is part of moving on…a painfully slow process for me.

      I have to tell you I checked out your blog quickly (I will be going back to look more intently!), and I love the line of your poem “As I am” that says: “yet you will focus on the volume,
      without ever hearing
      the truth within my words”
      It seems we share similar frustrations…

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