Yours is a face I miss every day.

I know I always will.

I know there were times I hated your ways,

but I would give anything to have you back.

I wish this life was something I did only for myself,

because then we could have been together

and you would not be where you are now.

But a promise had been made

and I was trying so hard not to break it.

But where did that get me?

Where did it get you?

There is no more opportunity to change for you now.

And me, how could I selfishly do now what I wouldn’t do then?

The one thing that could have saved you I refused to do.

And now she tells me to take that step,

like it should be easy!

Like I deserve it!

I will stay here, with him.

I will do this thing, not because it is right,

never that again.

No, but because it is my punishment.

She says I deserve to be happy.

She is wrong.

I deserve to pay.

I deserve to suffer.

I will sacrifice my life to this desolation.

And if you can see me,

then you will know how sorry I am that I did this to you.

And, because of you,  I will never do right again.


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