The marraige

How can I sit here watching you wash window panes

And doing things so mundane

When I know there are lives less ordinary

On down the road calling for me?

Sitting here, I can feel myself decay,

And no rhyme or reason for me to stay.

Finding vivid life can not be so hard.

If I just had the energy to leave this yard,

this mile, this town, this life…

To be able to know something beyond duty and being your wife.

Of all the things so great and so free,

And I so boring, and I just me…

How can I stand it anymore?

What do I sit here writing these words for,

When I could have greatness in just a little while?

I raise my eyes.  You look at me and smile.

Far down the road, there is adventure and glory.

But it doesn’t concern me; I will not worry.

My life is so tame, I’ll keep it the same.

It’s something to bless, not to blame.

Come on inside, I’m over my pride.

Get in the truck, let’s go for a ride.

It’s still early and as long as it’s light,

We’ll share our love, we’ll do what is right.

We’ll head into town

or drive the whole world around

and be back in time for dinner.

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