I have done things I haven’t wanted to do,

And all my life, I have worn a smile over pain.

I’ve laughed when another would have shed bitter tears,

for reasons beyond me, that I can’t explain.

What have I ever done for myself,

in all my comings and all my goings,

except for a few meaningless things

that I would be better off not knowing?

And who hasn’t taken something from me

that I might have tried harder not to give

if I thought that they might still love me

If I made it my life that I live?

Not someone else telling me who I am

or doing things solely for other’s praise?

What would happen if I lived life for myself

If I was the only one who governed my days?

Where would I be if I made the choices?

If I could decide to give or to sell

or to keep for myself or let fade away?

Would they still all wish me well?

I don’t want to be so desperate

to always avoid the fight

to make everyone else happy

to back down even when I could be right.

2 thoughts on “Curious

    • Thank you on both accounts! I am so overwhelmed by the kind words…now I wish I had started sharing my writing a long time ago! I was just about to post the poem I wrote that inspired the name, (it will be on the about page, as well as in a post), so I hope you will check that out and tell me what you think.

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