Frankenstein gives up on her disappointing creature

She is done with him now.  The obsession is over.

He could never replace the man that once loved her.

No matter how hard she tried, he wouldn’t fit the mold

and the constant pressure had gotten so old.

She can not make him what she wants him to be,

so she lowers her hands in silent defeat.

And she thinks to herself about mistakes from her past:

Bad things don’t die and good things don’t last,

And hope fades so quickly, love passes away,

and she ends up with nothing at the end of the day.

Except for the memory that tells her what she’s missing:

the voice that she’d lost and lips she should be kissing.

No matter the pain, she wraps it around her shoulders,

and she lives through the day and she feels so much older.

But she doesn’t give up, she keeps on going.

She wants the answers, but there’s just never knowing.

And it eats away at her heart that’s so broken

and filled with regret over false words that were spoken.

She had thought she could find someone to replace him;

instead of pushing away she would at last embrace him.

But he didn’t make up for the one she had lost

and forcing it all comes at too high a cost.

So she has let things go and they fall out of her hands

and she’ll bury herself in this cruel life’s demands.


2 thoughts on “Frankenstein gives up on her disappointing creature

  1. Thank you so much…I am loving your words…the more I keep reading your posts, the sadder I get because soon I will run out and will have to be impatiently awaiting more! I will be consumed with anticipation!

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