Death grip

If you look a little longer into my eyes,

I will be forced to kiss you.

I can’t control myself anymore.

I have shifted my thoughts to you now,

no matter if it’s right or wrong.

No matter the consequences, I will pursue you.

You will consume me.

Yours is a face I have grown to love,

in spite of all my better judgement.

My demented heart longs for you.

The week mind, despite knowing all the dangers,

can do nothing to stop my heart on the prowl.

And it does not matter whether you desire me

or merely accept my presence.

Because of or despite all your actions, I will call you mine.

I will brand you.

I will capture you as I have others before you.

But you will be different.

I will never again take for granted

the good things bestowed upon me

or the things I have fought hard battles to possess.

No, for you I will let go of every other thing,

however strongly I fear to let it go.

You are the idol which both hands will cling to.

You will not be loosed from my grasp.


2 thoughts on “Death grip

  1. Not sure if I would want your “love” or not?? Walks the tight rope between love and obsession … I can’t decide if it is “love” or an “abusive” relationship. Either way, well written and definitely makes for an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

    • First, thanks for the compliments, and, second, PLEASE ACCEPT MY LOVE! Just kidding…I know this poem does come across very lock-you-in-my-basement-till-you-love-me, but if you read back through some of my other poems, it may be easier to understand the place that it comes from. I was (and still am) dealing with the suicide of someone who was very dear to me. This poem came from a desperate place and to me (for about the last quarter of the poem especially) it’s about the regret I feel for (what I perceived at the time) as not loving him enough or in the right way. I hope that makes sense.

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