Dragging my feet

It’s late now.  It’s almost tomorrow.

I’m so alone, even my skin is hollow.

With you gone, how can I keep moving?

I put one foot down, not knowing what I’m doing

except looking for you, what you were

in someone else’s face. You’re never there.

In my heart I know you never will be.

But looking is the only thing that stills me.

It’s the only thing that keeps me going

besides the wondering why and the never knowing.

Because my broken heart refuses to beat

and my tears just fall and I drag my feet

to slow down time, then turn it back

to a time before your final act

where only I would know what you had done

and I could change it all, no sad outcome.

And I’d hold you tight till you had enough.

And you would never question that you were loved.


24 thoughts on “Dragging my feet

    • Thanks very much. I checked out your blog the first time you liked one of my posts (and being new to blogging, I do this obsessively: “some one likes me? I must stalk them!”) And happened to see the “she forgot to be funny” award post…but I thought that the award idea in itself was funny, so I didn’t think I had a right to take the award…and then I was a sad panda, with no award…but I kept reading back through your older posts, and I laughed so hard and cheered back up. So, in short, you are hilarious, you made me sad, you redeemed yourself…I feel like we can be friends again. 🙂

      • LOL then we must be friends. If it makes you feel better, my blog is only two months old so we are both somewhat new at this. 🙂 I hope you continue to read. I will offer my not funny, funny award again next week.

        I am now a follower of yours so stalking of blogs must commence. 😉


      • Not to sound like a total dork (although you would have found out soon enough, new best friend): Hooray! You are my first follower…I wonder if all the other cult founders have said that at some point… And I am following you, so congrats on your new devotee. Hopefully this is the beginning of along and prosperous relationship that doesn’t end in mass suicide…because I really feel that’s where all the other cults have gone wrong…

      • I think you might have a point about where they have gone wrong. I was thinking it was joining the cult but you made a very wise point.

        I was just looking at t-shirts and having them made. I suppose if you were going to fall into a cult a t-shirt laughing cult is the best place to be. Right now I am thinking of making one just for me. I want it to say my blog name in sparkles. How fun will that be. I am such a girl sometimes.

      • Pretty adorable, and I am not even a sparkles kind of girl…I like this use of t-shirts for the cult too…maybe if we put “no mass suicides” on our cult t-shirts, people would be more likely to join…like an incentive for joining: free t-shirt, no dying…it could work.

        Ok, I am going to stop that now…I don’t want to run you off with my weirdness…it will happen on its own in time…

      • You have made my day, madam…but alas, I must to bed…it’s late here and I have to get up for my horrible day job (ok, it’s not that horrible, but I really would prefer to be independently wealthy…if only I were rich, instead of extremely good looking…woe is me) in about three hours…but now that we know how to find each other, we never have to be apart again!!!

    • I’ve never been so glad to make somebody cry before! I feel like I am slowly converting you, because I know how you don’t care for the rhyming, and this one kinda rhymes a little…and that makes two rhyming poems you like! Ooh, I feel so sneaky! Thanks again for reaching out and connecting with me. Oh, and you’d better be careful, because I am so in love with the way you write…it might make your husband jealous!

      • Oh, I love your trash talk! I have never been sworn at so lovingly before! And I live in boring old America…Tennessee, by way of Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and South Carolina…I am convinced somehow that we were running from the law when I was growing up, and nobody informed me…But I’ve been in Tennessee for about 9 years now (the longest I’ve ever lived in one place), I moved here with my (then boyfriend, now) husband. And before you ask (in my imaginary brain conversations this is what comes next), I am 29, no kids, and my favorite color is green…I also like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and breakfast in bed…ok, not the last three so much…but it sounded good…

      • Oh no…you can’t be jealous of me! Did you forget I read your work? I know skill when I see it…you just want to see me blush (it worked…I’m blushing!) …and I am happy they are not god forsaken…it’s a huge relief!

      • Yes you should! I don’t care if you never went to any school! You are smart and witty at the same time…I don’t even think that can be taught! And you are the master of it! I honestly believe that whole college thing is a racket anyway…I mean what do they teach you that you can’t learn in a book for free? Unless you’re a brain surgeon…then I would feel much more comfortable if you had the degree…

    • I am running out of ways to say thank you, so I’ll just say it again: thank you! I am shocked and awed at the nice things people have left in their comments… I never expected ANY reaction, let alone positive ones! To hear (well, read I guess) that someone wishes they could write like me …my head is not going to fit through the doorway! Now I wish I had some sort of profound advice…but I am so not qualified to give it! The only thing I can say that I do is to write the things I am afraid to say out loud and read a lot…especially Edna St.Vincent Millay’s poems (because she was a genius).

      • i like your way of writing and the rhyming lines… i am in love with the kind of poetry you do… n yes i do want to write like you someday.. we could be in different continents..miles and miles away but i feel connected by your poetry…
        i am not much into reading poetry.. you know i am just a beginner.. it happened by chance..but i’ll surely do take a note of her poetry….and try to read her poems…for the time being you are my inspiration.. keep penning… 🙂

      • I am so happy to know someone likes what I do! Your amazingly kind! I love words of all kinds, but for some reason poetry (and song lyrics too) is the best form in my mind…because it seems like so much is conveyed in something that my only be a few lines long. And I like that two people can read the exact same thing and get two completely different meanings out of it…I think that is so interesting. I hope you will try to find some of Millay’s work, she is worth the time (at least in my opinion)…there’s just something special about her…

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