Open eyes

He opened his eyes and he fell in love

with a girl that he finally saw for the first time.

They had spent everyday occupying the space

in between the four walls that paid for

their time spent in stacking things up

and sorting things out until one day he saw what she was all about.

The longer he looked, the more his heart ached.

If he didn’t act soon, it would probably break.

But what could he do or what could he say

to slyly find out if she felt the same way?

He thought to himself about the way that she laughed

and how she looked in his eyes while the minutes flew past,

and how much he wanted to be in her life

and how much he wanted the girl for his wife.

She opened her eyes and she turned her head

to a man she might love due to things he had said.

The words that he’d spoken had made up her mind:

she had found the replacement she was trying to find.

The last time she loved, the love passed away,

so she searched for a copy almost every damn day.

Could this be the one? Could those be the eyes

of the man she could love for the rest of her life?

She thought to herself about the way that he smiled

and how he’d catch her eye and then hold it a while

and how much she needed to be wanted and loved,

but how could he want her and could she be enough?

They opened their eyes and they looked to the ground

and forgot all the people just standing around.

Except for each other.  They can not forget

the way they have felt since the first time their eyes met.

And he tells a story as she drives too slowly,

and they think to themselves they don’t have to be lonely,

that they can hold hands and have long conversations

and kisses in moonlight, intense situations.

But what can they do and how can they act?

Once they stepped forward they can never step back.


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