The ending

It’s an early winter come this year:

freezing snowflakes, frozen tears.

The leaves are changing, so am I.

No reason left to even try;

I’m gonna fly away.

I talk so much, nothing left to say.

Thought you would take me this way.

“She is nice” is what you thought,

but that is something I am not.

It’s time to fly away.

Now I cry when things go wrong,

hum some old Joni Mitchell song.

I’m not as strong as I used to be.

Saint Christoper is allegory.

Because here’s my river I must cross,

and he don’t help me; I am lost.

And I don’t have the wings to fly.

You were so very strong and wise.

You were everything in my eyes.

You were the one I knew I loved,

I never seemed to have enough.

Bet I could fly away.

Now all the good has faded fast.

It goes to show that things don’t last.

I lie so much and so do you.

You don’t know what you put me through.

Just gotta fly away.

I don’t have any wings and I can’t fly.

I cannot look you in the eye.

There’ nothing else, there’s nothing more.

I’m inching closer to the door.

It’s time to walk away.

4 thoughts on “The ending

  1. The reason I feel so drawn to your poems is the emotion behind it. I swear I can taste it! I highly recommend you read any poetry from Sandra Cisneros. I think it would help you a great deal. She is edge, brave and funny as all get out!

    • You say the nicest things… I think we must be brain twins! Which is probably scary for you, because I feel like a weirdo 90% of the time… 🙂 I am going to see if I can find Sandra Cisneros’s work and definitely check her out…thanks for the suggestion. I will keep you posted!

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