Dark kiss

But he, she knows, will never understand

The way that he left her, her heart in his hands.

And all for no reason, just selfish demise.

He left her bereft for the rest of her life.

And even after all this time, the cloud still floats in her sky

the wind’s in her hair; she doesn’t know why.

No one appreciates it now. It just leaves a tangled mess.

And she keeps inside things she’d rather confess.

No one desires to know what she thinks

and she keeps it all inside, feeling her heart as it sinks.

No one knows how she needs to feel wanted and loved

and that she’s hoped all her life that she could be enough.

No one sees the bruises that cover her bones.

She yells out her cover, no one hears the low moans

Of such a happy girl as this

while she fearfully waits for the long night’s dark kiss.


4 thoughts on “Dark kiss

    • Thank you! One day I hope to make beautiful happy poems too…but until then, I am always grateful that there is a way for something nice to come out of things that are not so very nice. 🙂 Thanks again.

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