Count the cost

I wanted you to love me so badly.

I needed you to say I was enough.

And all the things I was or could be

felt like nothing without your love.

Though I know I’m not a pretty girl,

I could have made you happy.

But all your eyes ever saw

were the things that I just can’t be.

You know, I’ll want you everyday

for as long as I will live.

But all the effort I put out

is something I can no longer give.

I followed you like a little dog

doing everything to please you,

but all those ways I’m giving up

because I don’t really need you.

I won’t pine for you

or be pathetic anymore.

The things you didn’t notice

someone else will love me for.

And if, in time, you open your eyes

and realize what you’ve lost.

Chalk it up to a lesson learned

and next time count the cost.


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