Honored (or another reason why x is my enemy)

Ah, I am happy to have looked upon you,

By moonlight or the starkness of day.

Call a thing what it is, or what is in no wise true.

Demand at once that someone pay.

Even now as I think of your beauty,

Formulating worlds that can never be real,

Grieving over things that will never happen to me,

Hoping that this is not the way I’ll always feel,

I am honored to bear the weight of misfortune.

Judging how some people spend their days:

Killing themselves and never learning

Love’s cruel and mysterious ways.

My heart may be broken but

not yet to the point of dying,

Only to the point where last words should be spoken, for

Pleading for more time to keep trying.

Quavering in fear and disbelief,

Softly at first, it denies the pain.

Trembling, at last, it asks for relief.

Useless to ask, things are always the same.

Vigilantly keep up the seeking.

Watch for signs that just aren’t there.

Exactly what you hear when no one’s speaking,

You forget or else no longer care.

Zealously, I still try to find pieces of you, though I know you’re no longer there.

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