I had a pure love once, the only good thing I ever did.

I loved everything about him:

the tilt of his head, the shape of his eyelid.

I loved his veins and his eyes: bluer than blue.

But most of all, I think, I loved his hands

they were stronger than

anything I knew.

But I loved him so much

I couldn’t let myself love him.

So I found myself walking away from

situations where I might have kissed him;

I had to walk away every time.

So I spent my nights alone and crying

and my days keeping him safe from a love like mine.

And there’s no way I’m stronger or wiser;

can’t we just learn from the past?

Love is what causes the most pain.

5 thoughts on “Love

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    • It’s true that we can learn from the past…but unfortunate that it’s the way we have to learn. It means we have to go through the bad stuff at least once (or for slower learners…like me…several times). Maybe one day, I’ll learn, but until then, I’ll just have to write about it I guess. 🙂

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