Make up your mind already!

I don’t know how much longer I can take your fickle ways.

I need you to love me or hate me.

I won’t tolerate the grays of friendship anymore.

I’m yours if you want me.

Otherwise, be cruel and unkind,

mock me for all my flaws,

become a terror to my lonely mind.

I will not stand for the intermixing days of interest then indifference.

If you won’t decide, then walk away.

Love me or leave me alone forever.

There are no other words you need to say.

I already know what apathy feels like.

I’ve been its victim for a very long time.

Now I want somebody who really wants me,

someone who would fight to put their hand in mine.

I don’t want an indecisive thing

who one day seems to be pleased

to hold steady conversation

and the next avoids me like a deadly disease.

I know I don’t let it show,

but I am a girl with feelings and a heart.

You can’t keep treating me this way.

You can’t keep breaking me apart.


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