Take me to the water

Take me to the water

walk with me in the waves.

The sound of lapping water

is something that I crave.

Take me to the water,

Walk with me along the shore.

Let’s just speak of good times,

the gulls, and nothing more.

Take me to the water

where I can feel ok.

Lead me to a sturdy boat

that I can sail away.

Watch me on on the water.

Wave to me from the beach.

Until I see only liquid

as far as the eye can reach.

Walk in the sand back to your car

Drive away as fast as you dare

And if you think of me again

Think of sailing and the wind in my hair.

Think of a tanned face in a sturdy boat,

Traveling the world is how you should think of me.

Never to know I’ve jumped overboard

and am only old bones at the bottom of the sea.

Only clean white bones

flesh eaten by the fishes.

It doesn’t matter about the truth.

Truth is something for which no one wishes.

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