Still trapped

There was only night now.

As far as the eye could see,

only black and stars

and a moon holding its place

against the whirling fields of space.

There were only thoughts now.

Quiet, nagging thoughts in her lonely mind:

lies screaming, formed by desperation,

and truth quietly eating away at her.

Why this was the case, she wasn’t sure.

No, that was a lie; truth poked her wounded mind:

she brought this on herself.  She always did.

But why she had to keep the cycle going,

that was the mystery to her crowded brain.

She questioned her judgement and whether she was sane.

There was only night now, stars and moon,

facts and fictions, questions and theories,

and soon enough dreamless sleep.

She looked at the the clock: 5-10, when she woke it would be 5-10 still.

She was trapped.  He left her much against her will.

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