Lay down the pen

Say a word, sing a line:

something about a stitch in time.

Fix it now, before it gets worse.

Lay down the pen on another verse.

You don’t say aloud what you put in ink,

and he needs to know what you really think.

Make him smile or give him strife,

but hand over words he’ll have for the rest of his life.

It’s not yours to make him act today,

or even if he’ll choose to hear the words you say,

but you’ll be to blame if you hold them in.

If you don’t reach out, then that’s your sin.

Say a word, don’t write it down

on paper to get lost or blown around.

Say a word, put love into it.

If he wants to change, then help him through it.

Speak your mind, let the words flow.

If he keeps it up, you’ll have to let him go.

If you need to speak,  don’t stop and question why.

You’ve learned it hard: there’s nothing worse than unsaid goodbye.

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