Something Worthwhile

I walk the same path

wearing a hole through the green grass

down to the red dirt below.

I know

things will never change

so long as I remain the same.

And the start and the end are a similar place

with a little less honor and a little less grace

than I had at first.

I walk the same way

as I have since the day

I learned to walk.

And idle thoughts and idle talk

fill up precious time under sunny skies,

and I notice the wrinkles I have around my eyes

that were never there before.

All the words said

and the ones kept in my head

won’t slow things down

or tell me where action can be found

bursting at the seams under the sun.

Or call to mind what I remember was done

when no trace can be found.

The heart keeps on beating

and constantly reaching

for something worth holding on to,

Something worth going through the things we go through.

And at least hope is alive and trying

and working to save those already dying

and making it all as beautiful as it can be.


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