Will you ever see the way I am?

Will you ever give a damn?

I think we both know you do now.

Will you ever say it out loud?

I don’t know if I’m good enough

that I should one day feel your love.

I think sometimes you send it my way

But I don’t know just how to say:

‘I love you. Do you return

my feelings and does your heart burn

the way mine does when I’m with you?’

I don’t know how to start this hallow truth.

I see your faults.  I see your flaws.

I’m not so blind that they are lost.

I see them in you everyday.

But I still love you anyway.

I wonder if you notice mine.

What imperfections do you find

when your warm eyes seek me out?

What does your mind complain about?

I know I laugh self-consciously.

I never take things seriously.

I talk so much unless I’m sad

I’ve seen the other girls you’ve had.

And I know to them I can’t compare

with my muddy eyes and my frizzy hair.

But I have things they never will

and maybe you have had your fill

of beauty on an empty head.

Have I won you over with things I’ve said?

You know, my friend, we’re growing old.

Perhaps you want a hand to hold

who makes you laugh when you’re bald or gray,

not just a face that fades away.

I can’t see around the curve,

but I hope I can work up the nerve

to say I’ve loved you all this time

and build a life on what I find.


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