Coming Clean

I am caught up in the feelings you gave me.

Like no one and nothing will ever replace

the words you said and the looks on your face

all because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

If you didn’t want my love,

why did you touch my hand?

I know I will never understand

the subtle nuance of romance verses friendship.

I couldn’t stand it anymore

and had to get it out however harshly.

It’s black or white, middle ground is no good to me.

I think I sprung it on you a little to fast.

I won’t forget the way you looked

or the exclamation you gave at my confession.

I guess I’ve learned my little lesson.

I’ll never say I love you again.


Think Love Know

I think of you with the smashed up pieces of my soul
At times when I recall how it feels to be whole.
I love you with my last breath,
Even as I expel the rest.
I think I love the way I think your skin might feel,
Even though I’ll always know I’ll never know for real.
I think of you too fondly I suppose…
Only my heart, only my heart knows