100th post and a something new!

Wow, one hundred posts…I feel so accomplished.  You can start mocking me at this point, but I don’t care…I am  excited!  I am super happy and grateful for all the liking of posts and especially the  kind words that have been exchanged in my short little blog life.  It means a lot to me that someone can read what I write and have it make sense to them…and actually like it.  I never thought that would happen!  So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I thought I would do something a little new for the big 100.  I have been thinking about what I would do for a while, and finally decided to share something that people can really relate to: music.

There is so much that is wonderful and moving about music.  Something that I find really interesting is how people hear music differently.  I have friends who play guitar, bass, and drums.  As a rule, the ones who play guitar, find themselves drawn more to the riffs than anything.  The bassists, to a sweet baseline.  The drummers hear the banging most.

But poor little me, so non-instrument oriented…I don’t always get that.  I mean sure, I can appreciate a Hendrix style guitar solo as much as the next guy…but not if the next guy actually plays guitar.  He can appreciate it on a different level.  And I have always been pretty jealous of that, because it’s something I can’t fully understand.

So then I started thinking about it, and I realized how much I  love music.  So what draws me, the most musically inept person in the world, to the songs that I like?  I didn’t have to mull it over long.  It’s the lyrics!  What a shocker right?  (I see you rolling your eyes at me…)

Lyrics are just poems with melody behind them…and poetry is something I can understand.  So, in an effort to share more words with the world, I am starting a series (ooh, ah, be impressed) of posts that I am calling “The Lyric Project”…put the official stamp on it, because it is in quotation marks…and those things can not be messed with…  If I understand how computers work (ok, so clearly no guarantees here people…), you should be able to find all “The Lyric Project” posts in the future under that category…dear gourd, I hope so… I will feel extra stupid otherwise.   I will always try to put a link in at the very bottom of the post so that you can check out the actual songs for yourself, and I will also try to find out who wrote the lyrics (if I can) as well as the artist/artists performing them.

At any rate, this post will be the first Lyric Project post…so here ya go:

10 Million Miles

by Patty Griffin

“Must have walked ten million miles,

must have walked ten million miles,

wore some shoes that weren’t my style.

Ten million miles.

I’ve been kind.  I’ve told some lies.

Like anyone who’s lived or died

Like anyone who’s ever tried

to walk ten million miles.

I memorize and I forget

I do some things that I regret

Wish for things I never get

walk in the rain and get wet.

Must have walked ten million miles

I must have walked ten million miles,

so think before you criticize:

ten million miles.

Traveled round from place to place

wore some rags around my waist

and other times a dress of lace

and I always search for your sweet face

So you ought to come some time for tea

Maybe we could see the sea

Talk a lot or let things be,

just enjoy the mystery.

I must have walked ten million miles,

must have walked ten million miles.

Wore some shoes that weren’t my style

Fell into the rank and file

So just say I was here a while:

A fool in search of your sweet smile.

Ten million miles.”

(If you want to hear the song for yourself, you’ll find it here: