The best way to end the week


My amazing little sister had her first child Friday night, October 5, at 11:15.  Mom and baby are happy and healthy.  His name in Remington Phoenix, Remy for short.  Of course, the poor little guy will never learn his name, because everybody has different nicknames for him.  My sister and I have called him Buttons since we found out she was pregnant, because we didn’t know what gender he would be at that point…and she got mad because I kept calling her baby “it”…  My other nephew, Michael, who is 11, says he is going to call him Phoenix, because that is (and I quote) “the most awesome name ever!”  My mom is calling him Jellybean, and my sister’s mother-in-law is calling him Baby Doo.  So Remy will pretty much have to answer to every word in the dictionary, because we all call him something different.

He was, if my sleep deprived brain recalls correctly, 7lbs 13.5 oz and 20 3/4 inches long.  He’s just so perfect!  He’s going to be so spoiled!  (But not a brat!)  My family is not that big, but my brother-in-law has a large extended family.  Between all the relatives, the first time that baby’s bottom touches anything but somebody’s arms, he’ll be six years old!

My little sis, Gretchen, had really wanted to have a natural childbirth but unfortunately her body just would not cooperate.  She went for almost 24 hours on pitocin without pain meds, but she wouldn’t dilate.  They did a balloon catheter…still nothing.  Finally she agreed to get an epidoral in hopes that it would make her relax, but she topped out at four cm and wouldn’t dilate any more.  She had to,  after all that effort and time (48 hours in contractions), have the c section.  I am really proud of her because the whole time, even though she was exhausted and in a lot of pain,  her concern was for Remy.  I wish she could have had him naturally, because she wanted it so badly, but I told her she should feel great…she gets a baby as a consolation prize!!!

I have been an aunt since before I was born (there’s a big age difference between me and my oldest siblings), but babies never cease to be a source of wonder in my eyes.  Remy even more than usual because I got to be very involved in Gretchen’s pregnancy.  If it hadn’t been a c section, I would have even gotten to be in the delivery room!

Because of a medical condition, the chances of me having a baby are roughly the same as me winning the powerball lottery…the powerball is actually more likely.  It makes me sad sometimes to know that babies are not in the cards for me.  But my awesome little sis was so great during her pregnancy…she would describe how things felt, talk to me about her joys and fears, and really tried to make me understand what it is all like.  I got to be there for all her appointments and spent every night with her in hospital room while impatiently awaiting Remy’s arrival.  And even though there was a lot of nervousness and stress, it makes me really hope that by some odd stroke of luck maybe one day I’ll get to experience it first hand.

If not, that’s ok.  With Remy, I’ll get all the fun parts of parenthood, the only difference being that I get to hand him back for diaper changes and discipline!  Thereby insuring my position as the cool, favorite aunt…

Ever since Gretchen was a little girl, all she wanted to be was a mom.  She used to walk around the house with a blanket on her head and trailing behind her (this was supposed to be her long, flowing hair…all she wanted to be was Rapunzel and a mom…), holding some doll or stuffed animal, feeding it from a make-shift bottle for hours at a time.  If she would see a baby, she would be all smiles from ear to ear!  And she’s always had the amazing ability to calm babies down.  I don’t care if a baby has been screaming and crying for days, hand that baby to Gretchen, and in minutes it’ll be either sleeping or smiling.  Ridiculous!  I am sadly the opposite, you give me the best-natured baby in the world, it’ll start crying as soon as I pick it up…I get nervous.  Once they are about a year old, I can handle it…they are much less fragile looking at that point.  And I am a total hit with the two and over category…I’ll get on the ground and play and act like an idiot for as long as they want…I think kids appreciate the willingness I have to look and act stupid for the sake of them having fun.  Back to the point, it makes me so happy to know that Gretchen gets to fulfill her life’s dream!  Being a mom is the one thing in life she wanted more than anything else, and she gets to be one!  She’s going to be the best mom ever, it’s just a fact.

I can’t wait to get to know this tiny little baby!  Already he is trying to lift his head and look around, if someone speaks he’ll look in that direction…amazing stuff!  I have the feeling he is going to give us all a run for our money.  I bet there won’t be one dull moment now that he’s here.

So welcome Remy!  He’s already got us all in the palm of his teeny little hand…and I, for one, wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.